The mission of IEA is the contribution to the study, development, and promotion of entrepreneurship that

  1. manage resources according to green economy;
  2. emphasize on the contribution to the environmental adjustment of the economy in national scale;
  3. reiterate the benefit of the development of the private and public sector by and large.

Our objectives include:

  • Advancement of up-to-date entrepreneurship, with the environment at the core, in the context of social corporate responsibility.
  • Improvement of human rights (promotion of ideas and effective gender equality policies), working conditions (hygiene and safety), and corporate governance, implemented and integrated into the production chain.
  • Development of cross-cultural consciousness, tolerance towards diversity and the support of humanist policies. The evolution of an indispensable relation among society, businesses, academic and university community.
  • Featuring corporations with ecological development mindset and fair-trade certificates. Incorporate fair trade policy in the resource management system as a comprehensive purpose.
  • Facilitation of social interaction among IEA members; cooperation and exchange of ideas on entrepreneurship and environmental awareness.
  • Information of the citizens, development of voluntarism and inclusivity in a common effort. Provision of any help to the state and offer of any possible service to the sectors of the state, enterprise, and citizen conducive to the overall progress of the country.
  • Support of environmental governance with ecological insight, environmental protection, and biodiversity in mind.
  • Help and consultancy to any new member, legal entity or individual, to the achievement of their goals.
  • Compilation and promotion of sustainable entrepreneurship specifications for relevant industry strategies in the domestic market and the certification of human resource management systems.
  • Backing entrepreneurship, competitiveness, and participation in the planning of a socially-oriented economic culture of development.
  • Provision of any possible help and support to the formation of synergies among members of IEA.
  • Any related work and action that delivers the aforementioned aims and goals concurring with its mission.

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The vision of IEA is the development of “Eco-Entrepreneurship”, that is, entrepreneurship inside corporate social responsibility, having environment, sustainable development, human, and working rights as our touchstone with total application and integration in production chain.