Επενδύσεις στην Ενέργεια και Αειφόρος Ανάπτυξη

Investing in Energy and Sustainable Development: The Big Challenge for Greece.

The Government, agencies, and investors from Greece and abroad discussed the future and challenges of the Greek energy market for renewable energy sources and Sustainable Development.

A major development challenge to the struggling Greek economy is Energy and Sustainable Development, as the investments made in the wake of the energy market liberalization can contribute to the economy in the form of revenues, but also in jobs creation and can further ensure Greece’s position in the energy map of Southeast Europe.

These were common findings of all speakers in the conference “Investing in Energy and Sustainable Development”, held on October 31 in Athens. The conference was organized by the Hellenic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (IEA) and Boussias Communications.

The conference opened with a welcoming address by Alexandros Giannelos, President of the Hellenic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (IEA), who stressed the importance of a conference on Energy and Sustainable Development in critical current conjuncture for the Greek economy and presented the objectives the IEA.

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