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Press release (24/9/2014)

Electromobility is a new, very important sector of the European economy, the rapid development of which can help to create a very large number of new sustainable jobs, increasing national income, etc. in Greece and also in Europe and in tackling climate change.

Greece, in particular, must be prepared in time to create the proper charging infrastructure for electric cars, etc., a policy that requires close cooperation of all stakeholders (State, statutory bodies, local authorities, businesses, etc.).

For European electric power businesses electromobility is a “big challenge” as rapid expansion in the number of electric vehicles creates new needs and business opportunities to increase the supply of electricity, development of “smart grids”, greater use of renewable energy etc.

These were some of the early conclusions drawn in the first working section of the “International Conference on Electromobility: The Program Green eMotion” organized by the PPC on September 20 2014 at Zappeion Exhibition Hall and was under the auspices of the Ministry of Environment, Energy and Climate Change.

Mr. Yiannis Maniatis, Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate Change, delivered the main address to the delegates emphasizing the growth potential of electromobility for our country.

Mr. Arthur Zervos, president and CEO of the Public Power Corporation, in his speech referred to the active participation of the Corporation in the European Green eMotion Program and the new opportunities opened for business in the electricity sector in the development of electromobility.

The Congress involved Greeks and foreign experts working on the implementation of the European Initiative Green eMotion, parliamentarians, representatives of local athorities, large companies executives of car industries, energy, etc. Group Public Power Corporation etc.

The workings of the Conference and all of the presentations will be posted on website: www.dei.com.gr

Speech by Mr. Arthur Zervos: http://www.dei.com.gr/speech (in Greek)