The conference organized by the Viotia Chamber, the Central Greece Industries Association (SBSE), and the Hellenic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (IEA) in collaboration with Boussias Communications was successfully concluded.

“Restarting the Greek Economy and New Entrepreneurship Models”

The conference was held under the auspices of the United Chambers of Greece, on Friday 3 October 2014 at the Conference Hall of the Ecclesiastical Mission at Oinofyta, Viotia.


Conference goal

The conference debated strategies that boost innovative, competitive, and effective entrepreneurship in Greece. These strategies center on how to increase productivity and outward look based on modern infrastructures, transparent institutions, relationships, and processes.

Entrepreneurship, in this context, means that it aims to keep employees and talents at home, and attract healthy, transparent funding and investment.

The conference topics were characterized by illustrating entrepreneurship as a drive to restart and develop the Greek economy and included:

  1. Investments in infrastructures and energy self-sufficiency – Funding
  • The largest Greek business groups as “next-day” investors
  • Attracting international investors – Institutional framework
  • Accessible and sufficient energy coverage
  • Restructuring the mix of energy sources towards eco-fuels and soft energy (natural gas, renewable energy) as a correct and disruptive solution in the prospect of secure and full coverage of Greek energy needs.
  • Infrastructures: completion of highways, natural gas grid, water supply network, high-speed telecommunication network
  • Utilization of infrastructures (ports and airports) mineral and water resources of Greece as a necessary and sufficient condition for economic wellbeing.
  • Attainment of development inside the current economic framework and the capability of certain essential sectors: energy – natural gas, oil, renewable energy, investments in development infrastructure, energy sufficiency, social bills, boosting Greek industries.
  1. Innovation, new technologies and entrepreneurship in industry, education, and insurance/security of human resources
  • Innovation in product design (R&D), consumer satisfaction differentiation, mode and process of production
  • Innovative ways of product and service promotion, interactive communication with consumers
  • Commercial activities centering on digital technology
  • Increase of competitiveness of Greek businesses and boost of exports to stir and sustain Greek industry
  1. Primary production, quality tourism, and outward look
  • Need for clustering and cooperation of local production forces to achieve economies of scale and market penetration
  • Innovative investments in primary production sector to develop local communities
  • Orientation to exports to allow companies counterbalance the reduction of domestic consumption
  • Tourist development as a goal and outcome of successful policy and diligent continuous focus on quality

The conference addressed: representatives of the market, managers of large industries and domestic business groups, government and party officials, as well as local authorities and chamber members.

The event was successfully concluded with a reception honoring representatives of the government, parties, local administration, the board of the United Hellenic Chambers, chambers, sponsors, speakers, and honorable guests.

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