The Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ΕΒΕΑ) and the Hellenic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (ΙΕΑ) along with the scientific support by the Center for Progressive Policy Research (KEPP), organized successfully the strategic conference:

“Investments in Greece and Development Prospects 2014”

The conference was carried out with the collaboration of Boussias Communications and Symeon G. Tsomokos SA, on Wednesday 5 November 2014, at the Hotel Grand Bretagne, Athens.

The event was held under the auspices of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Development and Competitiveness, Tourism, Infrastructure, Transport and Networks, Environment, Energy and Climate Change, and Health.

The conference discussed the new entrepreneurship model based on development, energy self-sufficiency, and innovation, relying on up-to-date infrastructures and transparent relationships with the market. It also reviewed the existing framework of opportunities and investments that define viability and export-oriented development of Greek businesses with contemporary coverage of management support

That is, entrepreneurship with a dynamic of promotion of outward-looking Greek firms, that retain talents in the country, and sufficient to attract vigorous, transparent funding and investment.

Government officials, senior managers, and experts presented proposals of bolstering competitiveness of Greek businesses, investment strategies that apply throughout the production chain, and contemporary entrepreneurship with a developmental prospect orientation.

Main topics were:

  • The increase of Greek firms’ competitiveness and invigoration of export activities with a dominant export orientation (pharmaceuticals, service providers, food industry, textiles etc)
  • Institutional reform, investment framework, role of the banks as the foundation stone of Greek economic recovery, identification of alternative funding and restoration of creditworthiness of Greek firms that pursue large projects abroad.
  • The utilization of infrastructure (ports, airports), mineral, and water resources of Greece.
  • Study of the most important factors supporting the Greek economy: maritime and transport.
  • Attainment of development, inside the current economic framework and capacities of specific sectors (energy: natural gas, oil, renewable sources; investments in infrastructure development, invigoration of Greek industries, energy self-sufficiency, and discounted electricity bills) as its basic pillars.
  • Attraction of foreign investments in infrastructures of high-quality tourist interest.
  • Definition of the geopolitical dimension and development prospects of the Greek economy.
  • Exploitation of regional development capabilities.
  • Communication technologies as a lever of development prospects; new telecommunication map
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship as a combining factor of sustainable development.

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