ATHENS INVESTMENT FORUM: Stock Exchange Financing for Future Growth (3/2015)


The Union of Listed Companies and the Hellenic Institute of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (I.E.A) are organizing, in collaboration with Boussias Communications, the strategic conference:

ATHENS INVESTMENT FORUM: Stock Exchange Financing for Future Growth

Tuesday 31 March 2015, Grande Bretagne Hotel, Athens

The Conference highlights the contribution of Greek listed companies and the Athens Stock Exchange to the new, developing Greek entrepreneurship model that is based on economic growth, export activity, innovation and energy efficiency, as well as on modern infrastructure, sustainable practices and market and business transparency. The Conference is relevant to non-listed companies as well, since they face the challenge of adapting to new funding requirements which will depend more on the markets and less on the banks, thus they can learn from the experience of already listed companies.

The Conference agenda puts emphasis on important issues concerning the current investment and business opportunities framework that defines the parameters for sustainable and extroverted growth for Greek companies. It aims to address the most significant questions concerning the Greek economy, on its current state and will present the initiatives which need to be taken so as to exploit the capacity of the Greek economy, in all sectors: primary (agriculture and mining), secondary (manufacturing and heavy industry) and tertiary (tourism, shipping and services).

The new model of entrepreneurship promotes the export activity for Greek companies, attracts transparent investments and funding, and intends to prevent the Greek “brain-drain” and give initiatives to talented Greeks to stay in their country

Members of the government, senior business executives, investors with worldwide acclaim, distinguished experts from academia, as well as members of Business Associations and Chambers of Commerce will present their propositions on the reinforcement of growth prospects in Greece, investment strategies that apply to the whole of the production cycle and modern entrepreneurship practices with growth perspective.

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