The environmental issues play a very significant role in the activities of the Hellenic Institute for Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (IEA), since our vision focuses on the development of “Eco-Entrepreneurship”, that is, entrepreneurship inside corporate social responsibility, having environment, sustainable development, human, and working rights as our touchstone with total application and integration in production chain.

In order to speed up the necessary institutional transformation, we need to take a series of specific actions as part of a team with a common vision and goal.

  • To identify the necessary knowledge skills, attitudes and all essential prerequisites of sustainability.
  • To define directions for each specific responsibility and technical skills needed.
  • To collect data from surveys or facts that contributed to the success or failure of sustainability and analyze representative and appropriate indicators and metrics.
  • To control and validate the results.
  • To establish a network of individuals and organizations to promote the development of sustainability.
  • To strengthen formal and informal communication mechanisms with a view to joint development of our own sustainability model.
  • To adopt a comprehensive and systematic approach to sustainability in practice beyond what is defined as “job profile” of each of us to face the challenges of sustainability holistically.
  • To collaborate with academia to generate new ideas from the practice of sustainability.

Our goal is to establish “good practice” for sustainable development and possession of critical knowledge and skills to solve sustainability problems so that civil society can benefit from.